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Trigger Warning


Title: Trigger Warning

Artist: sweet-peach-tea

Rating (art/fic): PG-13/R

Word Count: 9200

Warnings: violence, mentions of sex trafficking, etc

Summary: Blaine Anderson is one of the top international spies in the world, but is very insistant upon keeping his husband, Kurt Hummel, in the dark about that matter. Which ends up being a bit of a problem when Kurt is kidnapped. Written for the KBL Reverse Bang


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This is a wonderful wonderful fic that I reccomend highly!!!

Reblog if you believe there are more Klaine fans on Tumblr than Klaine haters.
Fic Rec: All That Has Become of Me

For all the people, like me, how adore age-gap fics, this is a wonderful wonderful one.

And it has even a companion piece about other people’s views of their relationship called: Put Into Perspective.

Here are the links

So what do you think Blaine wants to happen in season 6? And he replied: Blaine wants to get married, like, yesterday.
Darren Criss G4 (X)
Author Rec: villiageidiot

A long time ago I read a fic written by this author called "The bro code (and Blaine Anderson’s guide to breaking it)”  and it was perfect and adorable. And then yesterday soeone rec aother story and I found myself in the author’s page that ot’s full of Klaine’s fic.

All of them are rated G or PG at best, they’re so sweet, adorable and funny, really really funny that I recommend you all to give it a shot and read them.


Blaine’s first grand statement of romance to Kurt was the offer of a duet during Season 2’s Sectionals, and now he parallels that with “American Boy,” which features more Kurt than Blaine as they dance their way through the showcase crowd, camp in all the right places and ways. Who needs polish when you’ve got this much charm. With a wave of their hands the crowd is to their feet, and even June softens and joins in.

(I haven’t seen Candles in so long, will do now)

I’m also very excited about how Kurt and Blaine now have a canonical bird fetish. Have a great summer, fan-fiction writers!

LOL! Actually the whole article is quite interesting but this part was so fun considering everybody noticed it yesterday.

I wonder if that was a cut scene about Blaine trying to talk to Kurt.

I wonder if that was a cut scene about Blaine trying to talk to Kurt.

All and all, I would really not have minded at all if Glee had ended like that.

And while seeing Klaine moving back together made my day, seeing Sam back in Lima looking at the classroom from the door-window, made me tear up a bit.